Europcar is currently offering one way car rentals for just £1. This may sound too good to be true but is simply a way for the company to cheaply relocate cars to the required location.


The best availability is from cities across the UK to UK airports. For example there was plenty of availability when we checked for £1 rentals from Southampton to both Gatwick and Heathrow airports. Rentals are available from the current day for the next few weeks. You won't be able to book months in advance but can start checking for availability within a month of your required rental date.

Inclusions and exclusions

The £1 rental costs includes basic insurance which comes with a high excess of around £1000. We would recommend arranging your own excess insurance. As with any rental company taking the optional insurance can be expensive and will make the £1 rental less of a bargain! You have to cover the cost of petrol but this is done by returning the car with the same level of petrol as when you received it.

How to book a rental for £1

Use this link for the one way deal finder to check availability and the routes that are currently available.

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