Best Image Hosting sites for 2020

Best Image Hosting sites for 2020

Best Image Hosting sites for 2020

The top image hosting websites of 2020

Once you've taken all those amazing photos from your travels you need a site to store and share them on. Photo sharing sites are changing regularly and the following list has been updated for 2020 with updates on recent changes in the industry.

Updates for 2020

Flickr started the year by announcing another price hike for Pro subscribers. The price has increased from .99 per year to .99 per year sadly with no obvious enhancements to the system. Strangely the CEO of Flickr has announced the service is "loss making" and "cannot continue to operate at a loss". This doesn't give us much confidence in the service going forward.

Google Photos

Unlimited uploads and excellent visual search options make Google Photos a clear choice. Photos up to 16MP will not count towards storage limits. For photos sized over 16MB you either have the choice of compressing them down to 16MP (Google will do this automatically for you if requested). Alternatively, you can keep the photos in their original resolution but they will count towards storage limits. This isn't such a bad thing as Google now offers Google One with fairly reasonable prices e.g. .99 per month for 2 TB.

Amazon Photos

Amazon also offers unlimited storage but unlike Google there are no size limits for photos stored. Amazon photos comes free with Amazon Prime or alternatively 2tb 0 per year.


Flickr was once the most popular option for storing and sharing photos online. Previously it offered unlimited storage for free with ads however recently it has limited free accounts to just 1000 photos.